Computer Science Colleges in Colorado

People don’t often think of Colorado as a place where the computer science industry is alive and thriving, but it’s very much a growing industry within the state. In addition to being home to several up-and-coming technology companies, there are several universities that offer nationally-ranked computer science degree programs.

Top Computer Science Schools in Colorado

The University of Denver is considered one of the best 100 computer science schools in the country, with a national ranking of 82. The university offers two master’s degree programs and one doctoral degree program, and boasts faculty-led classes.

The University of Colorado Boulder received a national ranking of 94, allowing it to be considered one of the top 100 computer science schools in the country as well. The undergraduate degree program offers comprehensive coursework as well as the opportunity to specialize in many areas, including human-centered computing, networked devices and systems and software engineering.

Computer Science Companies in Colorado

After graduation, students will be able to find a job at the numerous computer science companies throughout the state. Many of the computer science companies in Colorado focus on software development.