Computer Science Colleges in Connecticut

With several large public companies specializing in computer software programs and computer communication technologies, Connecticut is a solid choice when it comes to choosing a state to start a career in the computer science industry.

Best Computer Science Schools in Connecticut

Students who wish to study computer science in Connecticut often choose to pursue their degree at the University of Connecticut. As the largest public university in the state, many people believe that the University of Connecticut has the resources and faculty available for a premier education in this field. In addition, the university received a national ranking of 72, allowing it to become recognized across the country as one of the top 100 computer science schools in the country.

Public Computer Science Companies in Connecticut

Gerber Scientific Inc. is a public company located in South Windsor, Connecticut. It provides the consumer with computer-aided design software, and also specializes in manufacturing systems.

MTM Technologies Inc. is another large public company located in Stamford, Connecticut. It specializes in both communications technology and computer management.