Computer Science Colleges in Delaware

Not only does the state of Delaware have a high concentration of available jobs in the computer science field, but the state also is known for its high-paying job opportunities. Students who wish to pursue a lucrative career may want to consider attending a Delaware university in order to kick-start their career.

Top Computer Science Schools in Delaware

Delaware State University is well-known for its computer science programs. Students who are interested in this field of study have the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in either computer science or informational technology.

The University of Delaware also has a premier computer science degree program. It was ranked 72nd nationwide as one of the best computer science graduate schools, with several graduate research focus areas available. Some of the research areas offered at the University of Delaware include bioinformatics, high performance computing and theory of computation.

Employment Opportunities in Delaware

Most of the job opportunities available in Delaware in the computer science industry are for computer systems analysts or computer programmers. The state ranks 2nd and 3rd, respectively, for the highest concentration of these types of jobs throughout the country.