Computer Science Colleges in Georgia

Home to one of the best computer science schools in the country, the industry in the State of Georgia is constantly finding ways to be innovative and creative. This makes it a desirable state to start a career in, and allows aspiring computer scientists the opportunity to truly make an impact in the field.

Best Computer Science School in Georgia

The Georgia Institute of Technology is considered to be the best computer science program in the state, but it also is known nationwide as one of the best universities to study the subject. The Georgia Institute of Technology earned a 10th place ranking nationwide for its program, and offers a variety of degree programs to students including a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a bachelor’s degree in computational media. Specializations available include systems, programming language, artificial intelligence and theory.

Computer Science Innovations in Georgia

Georgia is becoming known nationwide for offering unique and innovative computer science educational programs. For instance, the Georgia Institute of Technology created an affordable online master’s program that allows students to get a top-tier degree without inheriting tons of debt.