Computer Science Colleges in Indiana

Nestled in America’s Heartland is a solid foundation of computer science universities. There are more than 20 different universities in Indiana that offer accredited computer science programs, and the information technology industry continues to grow in this state as it does across the country.

Best Computer Science Schools in Indiana

Indiana University is the only university in the state that is nationally-ranked in the computer science field. With a ranking of 53, this is one of the best schools in the country for this particular program. There are three undergraduate degrees available, including a bachelor of arts in computer science, a bachelor of science in computer science and a bachelor of science in informatics. Each degree has a core curriculum while offering students the opportunity to specialize in niche areas.

Computer Science Industry in Indiana

Experts within the state of Indiana note that the computer science industry growth impacts nearly all industries in Indiana. This is largely due to the fact that technology is incorporated into almost every job in the 21st century, and computer science teachers in Indiana are especially in demand.