Computer Science Colleges in Kansas

Over the years, Kansas has become known for producing some of the best computer scientists across the globe, and many graduates from the programs in this state have gone on to make amazing contributions to the industry. This state is becoming the destination of choice for aspiring computer programmers and developers throughout the country.

Top Computer Science School in Kansas

The premier school for computer science in this state is the University of Kansas. Not only is it regarded as the top school in the state, but it is also considered to be one of the top 100 computer science schools in the country. The University of Kansas ranks 79th nationwide.

Students who attend school here have a choice of several different degree programs, including computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, information technology and interdisciplinary computing.

Industry Leaders from Kansas

One of the most famous computer science graduates from the University of Kansas is Brian McClendon. After graduating from the university, he went on to become the creator of Google Earth and rose through the ranks to become Vice President of Google.