Computer Science Colleges in Maine

The State of Maine is committed to increasing its computer science graduates, and many students are taking advantage of this opportunity by attending one of the six accredited universities in the state for this program. As the IT field continues to grow rapidly, Maine residents are finding more job opportunities available after graduation.

Top Computer Science Schools in Maine

The University of Maine is the only nationally-ranked computer science school in the state. This program holds a ranking of 152, and is known for its broad curriculum and undergraduate research opportunities. Students can earn either a bachelor of science degree in computer science or a bachelor of arts degree in computer science, depending on the focus they choose for their degree.

There are five other accredited computer science programs in Maine, including those at Bowdoin College and the University of Southern Maine.

Computer Science Industry in Maine

The computer science industry is expected to grow significantly in Maine, thanks to a collaborative effort titled Project Login. This initiative brings together universities and industry partners, with an ultimate goal of doubling the amount of computer science graduates in the state in the next several years.