Computer Science Colleges in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a nationwide leader when it comes to producing computer science graduates. This state not only houses the number one computer science school in the country, but it also is home to a powerful and influential industry that has an impact on the communities in Massachusetts.

Best Computer Science School in Massachusetts

While there are other universities that offer accredited computer science programs in Massachusetts, none compare to the prestige of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This technology university received the top spot in a national list of the best computer science schools in the country, and its rigorous computer science program is world-renowned. Undergraduates have a choice between four different degree choices: electrical science and engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, computer science and engineering and computer science and molecular biology. Graduate students at MIT complete their thesis while working at leading companies within the industry.

Computer Science Industry in Massachusetts

Powerful computer science companies are turning to Massachusetts to help change the face of computer science in the United States. These companies are lobbying state public education officials to include computer science and technical coursework in Massachusetts classrooms as early as middle school in order to garner more interest and develop better skills among the youth.