Computer Science Colleges in Missouri

With a major technological university in the state, it’s no surprise that Missouri is becoming a leader in the ever-growing computer science industry. Graduates in Missouri are not only able to land jobs almost immediately after receiving their diplomas, but they also are known for securing positions with high-paying salaries.

Best Computer Science School in Missouri

The Missouri University of Science and Technology is the top school for computer science in the state, and also ranks in the top 200 computer science schools in the country. The university is known for its research and development in software engineering and critical infrastructure protection. Students who attend this university have the opportunity to not only earn a top notch computer science education, but also participate in research projects with highly-qualified faculty members.

Computer Science Industry in Missouri

Students who graduate from the Missouri University of Science and Technology will have no problem landing a job in the field. While many take jobs in Missouri, others head to different parts of the globe and even take off for space. Companies like Boeing, Sprint and Lockheed Martin specifically recruit computer science graduates from Missouri.