Computer Science Colleges in Montana

The computer science industry is booming across the country — even in the state of Montana. With a large state university offering this degree program and establishing networks in the industry, aspiring computer scientists have a place to study, learn and grow in the industry.

Top Computer Science School in Montana

Montana State University is home to the most well-known computer science program in the state of Montana. This program is geared toward students who are not only interested in completing computer science coursework but also participating in exciting research opportunities. It offers a bachelor’s degree program, a master’s degree program and a doctoral degree program for interested students.

Computer Science Industry in Montana

Montana State University prides itself on its ability to connect computer science students with industry leaders within the state. Many different companies participate in the university’s Industry Affiliates Program, including Oracle, General UI and WebFilings. Companies that participate in this partnership help to support the department while also having the opportunity to work with students directly and retain the state’s top talent.