Computer Science Colleges in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has long played a role in the development of the computer science industry, and continues to play a significant role in its growth and innovation to this day. Aspiring programmers, software designers and computer scientists head to New Hampshire to study at one of the best computer science schools in the country.

Top Computer Science School in New Hampshire

Dartmouth College is the best computer science school in the state of New Hampshire, and is also considered one of the most elite programs in the country. Dartmouth is ranked 11th in the country for its computer science department. It is well-known for having an advanced computer laboratory with high-tech equipment that is perfect for computer science development and research.

History of Computer Science in New Hampshire

Dartmouth played an important role in the development of computer science as it’s known today. During the 1960s, two Dartmouth faculty members worked to create the BASIC programming language. This programming language made computers easy to use for the average person, and allowed the technology revolution to start moving rapidly forward.