Computer Science Colleges in New Jersey

New Jersey is known as an innovator in the computer science and advanced manufacturing industry. With an Ivy League school in its midst, many future computer scientists are coming to New Jersey to study this program and begin their careers.

Best Computer Science School in New Jersey

Students who want to study computer science in New Jersey should set their sights on Princeton University. This Ivy League university is considered the 8th best school for computer science in the entire country. It offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Research areas include computational markets, computer architecture and security, privacy and policy.

Computer Science Industry in New Jersey

Computer science is a part of a growing industry within New Jersey — the advanced manufacturing industry. Computer science jobs encompassed 22 percent of the entire advanced manufacturing industry in the state, consisting mostly of computer manufacturing jobs and electronic product manufacturing jobs. This sector of the market continues to grow in New Jersey, promising more jobs and unique opportunities for computer science graduates.