Computer Science Colleges in North Carolina

Considered the Silicone Valley of the East Coast, North Carolina plays a major role in the computer science industry. With several elite university programs in the state and plenty of job prospects, those interested in studying computer science have found North Carolina to be a haven for opportunity.

Top Computer Science Schools in North Carolina

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is nationally-ranked and is considered to be the 20th best computer science school in the country. This department is one of the first independent computer science departments in the country, and has a long history of research and development.

North Carolina State University and Duke University also have well known computer science programs in North Carolina.

Computer Science Industry in North Carolina

There is an established computer science industry in this state that continues to grow each year. Many of the computer science jobs fall into the video game development sector. There are more than 30 different video game development companies in the state, including major companies such as Electronic Arts and Epic Games.