Computer Science Colleges in North Dakota

The computer science industry is growing in the state of North Dakota, with more jobs anticipated each year. This means that skilled graduates from the state’s top computer science school are in demand, and have the opportunity to earn a higher salary than many other workers in the state.

Top Computer Science School in North Dakota

North Dakota State University offers a premier computer science program for students who are interested in this field. The university offers a bachelor’s degree in computer science as well as a bachelor’s degree in management information systems. It offers both masters and doctoral degree programs in computer science and software engineering.

Computer Science Industry in North Dakota

The computer science industry plays a role in many other leading industries in the state, including agriculture and energy. In North Dakota, those in the IT industry earn about 48 percent more than other workers in the state. This industry will continue to offer plenty of potential with an annual growth rate of 19 percent. Expected job opportunities include computer support specialists, computer systems analysts and software developers.