Computer Science Colleges in Oklahoma

Aspiring computer scientists have a lot to love about Oklahoma. Within this state there is a nationally-ranked computer science school, as well as a budding industry with plenty of jobs available for new graduates.

Top Computer Science School in Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma prides itself on its computer science department. Not only is this program well-known throughout the state, but it also ranks 110th as one of the best computer science schools in the country.

Both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs are known for their broad course selections and flexible options for specialization. The degree is designed to be fluid, and adaptable to each student who wants to pursue a career in this ever-changing industry. Research specializations include software development and next-generation computer systems.

Computer Science Industry in Oklahoma

The computer science industry is booming in Oklahoma. While traditional state industries such as agriculture are requiring new technologies and software development, other high tech IT companies are moving to this state. Large computer science companies in the state include IBM and BearingPoint.