Computer Science Colleges in Pennsylvania

The best computer science school in the nation is located in the heart of Pennsylvania, and the industry itself continues to boom in this state. Students who want to study and work with the best computer scientists in the world should look no further than the state of Pennsylvania.

Best Computer Science School in Pennsylvania

Carnegie Mellon University is the most prestigious computer science school in the country. Ranking first nationwide for its computer science program, this school offers students a chance to work with the most accomplished faculty members and delve into exciting research areas.

Students can specialize their degree with a minor in language technologies, robotics, machine learning and software engineering, to name a few. These specializations allow students to become experts in a particular area of the industry.

Computer Science Industry in Pennsylvania

While the computer science industry flourishes nationwide, many software engineers head to Pennsylvania to start their careers. Software engineers enjoy a comfortable salary in this state, and also benefit from a low-stress work environment.