Computer Science Colleges in Rhode Island

This tiny state on the coast of New England makes a big impact on the computer science industry. A nationally-ranked Ivy League school boasts the best computer science department in the state, and industry partners work with students to help cultivate innovation and retain talent.

Best Computer Science School in Rhode Island

Brown University ranks 20th in the nation as one of the best computer science schools. This university’s unique program allows students at all stages — both undergraduate and graduate — to work directly with faculty members on research assignments. All computer science students also are given the opportunity to work as teaching assistants, allowing them to gain both perspective and knowledge while earning their degree.

Brown University students can specialize in a variety of areas, but the school is most well-known for its artificial intelligence specialization and theory specialization.

Computer Science Industry in Rhode Island

Brown University created an Industrial Partners program that connects students with industry leaders. Students, faculty members and computer science professionals work together on research projects in areas such as parallel computation and nanotechnology. There are many large companies involved in this project, including Adobe, Facebook and Google.