Computer Science Colleges in South Carolina

The Computer science industry is undergoing rapid growth and change. Those in South Carolina who are looking for a field of study may wish to consider the opportunities that computer science is sure to offer.

Computer Science Schools in South Carolina

The University of South Carolina’s science and engineering department is one of the most consistently rated in the Southern United States. Those who are interested in pursuing a higher degree will appreciate the many post-graduate offerings this school has available.

Another great option in South Carolina is the School of Computing at Clemson University. This school is ranked in the top 100 schools nationwide for computer science majors.

Computer Science Industry in South Carolina

As this industry grows, South Carolina residents are poised to take advantage of many opportunities. There are a number of cities in the state that are attracting more and more large corporations—each of which will have a need for those with a quality computer science degree. The job outlook for computer programmers, specifically, is expected to grow at a 12% pace during the years 2010 through 2020.