Computer Science Colleges in Texas

The computer science industry is constantly growing, changing and developing, allowing it to be a lucrative career choice for many people in the state of Texas.

Computer Science Schools in Texas

One of the best schools in Texas for computer science is the University of Texas at Austin. Nationally, this university is ranked eighth as one of the top computer science schools. Specialized degree programs at this university include artificial intelligence, computer architecture and scientific computing, among many others.

Another prominent computer science school in Texas is Rice University, which is located in Houston. Rice University is ranked 20th nationwide, and it offers students a unique opportunity to work directly with some of the top computer science researchers in the world.

Computer Science Industry in Texas

The computer science industry continues to grow in Texas, as employment in this sector has risen by about 40 percent in the last five years. Texas ranks in second place nationwide for having the most jobs in the computer and gaming industry, with more than 13,000 actively working in this sector.